Undergraduate Possibilities

Undergraduate ResearchUndergraduate Research Possibilities

UC Santa Barbara is renowned as a research university, and this includes the college's undergraduates.

A Liberal Arts Education

A Liberal Arts Education at UCSBLiberal Arts Education

The liberal arts have been at the heart of the university from its inception.

News Highlights

UCSB Psychology Professor Shelly Gable has conducted research that shows gratitude is an emotion that enhances bonds with others and is good for physical health.

As the Center for Information Technology and Society turns 15, director, and film and media studies professor, Lisa Park reflects on the current, multi-disciplinary research being conducted.

MacArthur Foundation Professor in History Nelson Lichtenstein weighs in on a recent shift in the National Labor Relations Board’s legal approach to naming the corporation as a “joint employer” with the individual business owner for unfair labor practices against McDoanld’s franchisees. The Director of UCSB's Center for the Study of Work, Labor & Democracy is also quoted as an expert in a story about labor negations at West Coast seaports.

Associate Professor Tom Whitaker directs Will Eno’s play about the great and unexamined space between, being performed on campus Nov. 14-22.

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Support the CollegeSupport the College of Letters and Science

Private contributions are critical to the College’s continued excellence and have a major impact on the University.



The College of Letters and Science is a vibrant academic community that embraces and promotes intellectual, socioeconomic and ethnic diversity.

L&S Viewpoints

Erin McGrath is a 2008 graduate who double-majored in Global Studies and History. She is helping international students bridge communication gaps around the world, teaching English as a Second Language courses from Turkey to San Francisco. One of the main things that helped motivate her career was the expereince she had while doing the...