Undergraduate Possibilities

Undergraduate ResearchUndergraduate Research Possibilities

UC Santa Barbara is renowned as a research university, and this includes the college's undergraduates.

A Liberal Arts Education

A Liberal Arts Education at UCSBLiberal Arts Education

The liberal arts have been at the heart of the university from its inception.

News Highlights

Sea star wasting disease is ravaging the population at Haystack rock in Oregon--one of the worst sites along the Pacific coast--in a “die-off” that has killed millions of starfish. Kevin Lafferty from UCSB’s Marine Science Institute talks about how the animal’s behavior likely leads to heightened transmission of the virus.

UCSB anthropologist Stuart Tyson Smith is collaborating on an excavation of burial tombs to gain new insight into the relationship between the Nubians and Egypt's New Kingdom Empire.

Oliver Chadwick, professor in the UCSB Department of Geography and the Environmental Studies Program, conducted new research through archeological digs that found poor soil and shifting climate patterns likely contributed to the decline of the statue-building Rapa Nui people on the Southeast Pacific island.

Maya Rossin-Slater, an assistant professor of economics, has conducted research on the effects of California’s paid family leave program for mothers taking leave and the impact it may have for them later in their careers. She is quoted about her findings in this New York Times’ article.

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Private contributions are critical to the College’s continued excellence and have a major impact on the University.



The College of Letters and Science is a vibrant academic community that embraces and promotes intellectual, socioeconomic and ethnic diversity.