Undergraduate Possibilities

Undergraduate ResearchUndergraduate Research Possibilities

UC Santa Barbara is renowned as a research university, and this includes the college's undergraduates.

A Liberal Arts Education

A Liberal Arts Education at UCSBLiberal Arts Education

The liberal arts have been at the heart of the university from its inception.

News Highlights

UCSB sociologist Sarah Thébaud finds evidence that female entrepreneurs are systematically discounted because of their gender. But her study also finds a slight variance correlating with the inventiveness of the business plan.

How does human disturbance impact wildlife and infectious disease risk? The work of UCSB community ecologist Hillary Young hopes to examine how to conserve wildlife and protect human health by researching the relationship between human disease and environmental management.

The Body's Transformers

March 2, 2015

A unique class of proteins in the human body has the ability to alter their configuration. Joan-Emma Shea, a professor in UCSB's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and her research team take a closer look at the tau protein, which plays a critical role in human physiology.

UCSB researchers at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) shine light on exactly how much plastic is making its way into our world's oceans, where it originates, and how to develop ocean-scale solutions to this growing problem.

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Support the CollegeSupport the College of Letters and Science

Private contributions are critical to the College’s continued excellence and have a major impact on the University.



The College of Letters and Science is a vibrant academic community that embraces and promotes intellectual, socioeconomic and ethnic diversity.